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Storefront Template Styles
Screenshot of the Buyist Bold Storefront Style in Desktop and Mobile


Make a Statement

Showcase your product categories front-and-center, as well as your Best Sellers.  Add just a bit of marketing copy and your own images, and launch!

Buyist Fitness Bold template shown here.  

See it live.


Modern and Refined

We love this style.  It features a softer design while still holding true to key marketing concepts.  You’ll find more space to showcase your categories and brand message, which is always important.

Buyist Beauty Elegant template shown.

See it live.

Screenshot of the Buyist Elegant Storefront Style in Desktop and Mobile
Screenshot of the Buyist Visual Storefront Style in Desktop and Mobile


Show Off Your Assets

For those products that need to be seen, and you have the high-quality visual assets to do it, our Visual style is the way to go.  This style packs it all into a gorgeous design: parallax scroll, sliders, best sellers, and more!

Buyist Pets Visual template shown.

See it live.


Thoughtfully Named

We named this “Simple” not because the design itself is simple (although it is).  It’s simple to use.  No button mouseovers, no image hovers, no background images, and simple images that can be easily swapped out without needing a graphic designer.   Simple is good.

Buyist Cookware Simple template shown.

See it live.

Screenshot of the Buyist Simple Storefront Style in Desktop and Mobile
Landing Page Templates

Marketers know to drive their paid media to high-converting landing pages.

Each landing page template in Buyist is built to SELL… each one has generated at least $1,000,000 in sales.

But don’t worry - you can always design your own using the Buyist Editor - the same editor we used to create these masterpieces:

Screenshot of the Buyist Vitamins Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


Modern and gorgeous, yet still holds true to all the important marketing concepts, especially in the top fold.

Screenshot of the Buyist Pets Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


A section for every need! Classic top fold, big video, competitor feature comparison, social proof, and more!

Screenshot of the Buyist Kitchen Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


We designed this one for products that need a lot of stock photos.  Just add a couple product shots, spell out the features, and start selling.

Screenshot of the Buyist Fitness Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


Swap out just 7 images and turn this template into a gorgeous landing page for anything.  We’ve even used it to sell a cat litter box!

Screenshot of the Buyist Home Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


The classic “direct response” landing page design.  Tried, true, tested, and converts - every time.  This landing page template is responsible for hundreds of millions in sales over the years.

Screenshot of the Buyist Beauty Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


Modeled after direct response beauty magazine advertisement pages, the top fold is designed for horizontal product shots.  Most content in this template comes from reviews and testimonials.

Screenshot of the Buyist Kids Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


When you see this design you’ll never believe it was built in a visual, codeless editor.  The soft rounded corners alone make this the perfect choice for many brands.

Screenshot of the Buyist Cookware Landing Page in Desktop and Mobile


Another direct response classic!  We took the old “bulleted list” and upgraded it in the always-important top fold.  Now you have more room to expand on your key features.

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